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Life in Tampa

Tampa, Florida, has become one of the most desirable locations in the entire state. It is a city that is located within the iconic Tampa Bay across the Florida gulf coast. The range of properties available combined with the fantastic weather and amenities make it a top place to live. There are many outdoor spaces to enjoy, and a number of fantastic restaurants and shops. The hip social scene and the laid-back suburban lifestyle have made Tampa a premium destination to live in. There are a variety of things to do in Tampa today, and here are some of the best activities that residents can get up to.

Demographics of Tampa

Tampa is home to a diverse population. Many residents move from across the state and from all over the country. They are attracted to the city for its fantastic weather, good job prospects, and affordable living costs. Around 47% of residents are married. The area has around 3.1 residents in total, and the current median household income is around $52,212.

Employment in Tampa

There are a variety of employment opportunities in Tampa, and the current unemployment rate of 3.4% is significantly lower than the national average. Many top companies have large offices in the city, which means that there is plentiful employment available in a range of industries. Tampa is a center for tourism, agriculture, food processing, electronics, healthcare, and finance. It is well known as being a significant business hub. There are many highly qualified and educated residents living in the city, but there is also a fantastic arts scene filled with creatives that have flexible working lives.

Cost of Living in Tampa

One key benefit of living in Tampa is the affordability. It ranks lower the national average for affordability, which means that residents are able to save more of their salaries and enjoy the city without needing to spend big on expenses. Local purchasing power is around 22% higher in comparison to Miami, FL. Tampa provides an exciting urban lifestyle without the high prohibitive costs that are seen in other similar cities around the country.

Weather in Tampa

The beautiful weather conditions entice many people to move to Tampa permanently. There is beautiful sunshine all-year round. The summers, in particular, can be hot and humid, but residents tend to adjust accordingly. The weather

Things to do in Tampa

Tampa is a lively city that has many activities to enjoy all year-round. If you’re looking for family-friendly attractions, then it is definitely worth checking out Busch Gardens Tampa. This SeaWorld resort provides fun and entertainment for the whole family. There are theme park rides, adventure tours, and even safaris.

The city is full of culture, and it has many highly rated museums. The Tampa Museum of Art and Florida Museum of Photographic Arts are the essentials to go and visit. They both hold regular exhibitions, both of historic and contemporary nature, that are always worth checking out.

The Tampa Riverwalk is a pathway that has many shops and restaurants to check out. It goes along the Hillsborough River and connects the Tampa urban downtown district with the wonderful waterfront views. You can find the fantastic Florida aquarium on this path, as well as a range of other amazing attractions.

You may have heard of Napa Valley, but Tampa has its very own in the form of breweries. The “Gulp Coast” is a fantastic craft beer trail that allows you to sample some excellent breweries. The city also has a lively nightlife with many high-end restaurants and clubs to enjoy. If you’re in the mood for Mexican, then Green Lemon is the place to be. However, if you’re looking for American dishes with creative twists in a sophisticated establishment, then Haven is your go to spot. If you’re looking for a good time, then the Ybor City area is the place to head to. There are a number of clubs that provide the authentic Florida experience. Expect a lot of dancing and cocktails to come your way.

Life in Tampa, FL, is relaxed, but there is always something to do. The prime location means that it is nearby many amenities and facilities. The metro area is filled with diversity and a number of different cultures that co-exist with one another. There is a fantastic sense of community, and this makes Tampa the ideal spot for long-term living. If you’re looking to make the move, then it is crucial to pick the real estate agent. Viewpoint Realty has a great understanding of the local Tampa market, and we have the experience needed to get the right price for your ideal home. Contact us on 727.584.7355 or send through an email to viewpointrealtyinternational(at)gmail(dotted)com.