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Migrating to the US

Viewpoint Realty International has the skills and resources to help foreign investors live and reside in the U.S. by purchasing commercial or residential investment property in order to qualify for a visa. Our firm has assisted hundreds of individuals from other countries as they made plans to immigrate to the United States. In addition to our expertise in working with global investors, we collaborate with a network of professionals that possess a more in-depth knowledge of the many different purchasing options for immigration possibilities.

Viewpoint Realty International has built a strong clientele of foreign investors that continue to utilize our real estate services and our immigration resource network.

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About Visas – The Basics

Migrating to the US

The US is a country that many people dream of living in. However, the immigration process can seem somewhat complex and there is stiff competition. There are many aspects to take into account when considering migration to the US, and a number of different visa options available. Here are some of the essential details to consider when moving to the USA.

Reasons to Migrate to the USA

Migration to the US has played a key role in the development of the country. In 2015, around 13.4% of the population was born in another country. Many move to America in search of better job opportunities, and a better quality of life. America is a country where hard work can be rewarded, and people can create a better life for their children. The high strength of the dollar can also be appealing to those who will send money back home.

The Five Visa Categories

Those looking for a move, will consider how to get a US visa. The process for obtaining a visa that grants residence to the US will depend on the specific category. You can find out more about the different categories, and their requirements. The majority of immigrant visas will require a sponsor in the United States. This can be a citizen, permanent resident, or an employer. Many apply for migration each year, and the process is competitive. The first step to permanent residency involves getting an immigrant visa. Here are the visa categories that you will need to choose from.

Family Visa

Visa applications can be sponsored by family members who reside in the US. They can be citizens or permanent residents. A citizen is able to sponsor a spouse, children, and siblings. A resident can only sponsor a spouse or any unmarried dependent children. Family visas work under a preference system, and the priority is given to a spouse, parents, and any dependent children.

Fiance Visa

A US citizen is able to directly sponsor their fiance through a K1 visa. This allows the fiance to stay for 90 days, and in this time they must get married. If the future spouse has dependent children, then they may also be sponsored. Once the marriage is complete, an application can be made for permanent residency.

Employment Sponsored Visa

Employers are also able to provide sponsorships for a visa. It is important to note that sponsorships are reserved for highly skilled workers. First priority is given to those who have exceptional ability in the arts, sciences, education, and business. Researchers, professors, and international business managers are included in this category. The second preference is given to those with advanced degrees. The next priority is given to skilled professional workers. The application process is very competitive, and most people will have to wait years before they receive a visa.

Returning Resident & Diversity Visas

The returning resident visa is given to those who have permanent residence but move out of the country for more than a year. They will need to apply for a new visa in this instance. The diversity visas are designed to give an opportunity for those in underrepresented countries to move to the USA. It works on a lottery system and only 7% of one specific country can be represented in this visa. The eligible countries under this visa include Malaysia, Kenya, Poland, and Guatemala. The lottery system requires a simple application to enter.

Life in the US

Once you’ve secured your visa, you can begin to settle down in the USA. Many people choose to migrate here due to the ample opportunities available. It is a country that has always welcomed immigration and is proud of what they have contributed. The American culture is unique, and there is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world. You will want to start considering which neighborhood to live in, and also start weighing up your living costs. The transition to becoming a resident can be exciting, and you will like an American in no time. The US has many fantastic sights to see, and a lot of culture to take in. It is no surprise to see so many immigrate to the country for the chance of a better life.

You will now have a clearer understanding of the various visa requirements, and what to expect once you arrive in the US. When considering migration, you must also closely consider the property you want to live in. It is important to rely on an internationally aware real estate team that can suit your specific requirements and make the process easy for you. Viewpoint Realty has worked with many clients on a personal basis to make their move as straightforward as possible, and we have helped them secure their ideal homes for the right price. Contact us on 727.584.7355 or send an email to viewpointrealtyinternational(at)gmail(dotted)com.